My Process

I can be humorous, but I’m fundamentally serious, analytical, deep & lateral thinker, I used to be an academic a long time ago and it still shows.

In working with companies strategically, I start and finish with the numbers. We work together to establish & understand recent performance history. I want to get to the fundamental levers of the business as quickly as possible, understand what the growth potential is & work out how we get there. If I don’t believe a business can, we confront it & either adjust the plan, or radically change the business.

Normally, it’s a matter of taking businesses that have been in dormant, survival mode, trundling along for too long and getting them into what I call ‘thrival’ mode. In short, this is about turbocharging businesses..

Let’s Talk About Your Business

How I Do It

I am employed as either a Consultant, often a non executive director and sometimes a Chairman and at times, an investor – if appropriate and the opportunity presents itself

I work with people I like. Chemistry & mutual respect is all important. On products in places I like. If I don’t believe that unrealised potential exists, it is unlikely that we’ll work together. The work and remuneration and time spent is similar, irrespective of precise title, duration of engagement and type of business.

I’ll know within 4-6 weeks. This can be a consultancy assignment. I do most of this work myself, but have an array of tried and tested experts I can bring in, if required.

The Results

Ultimately, you end up with a business plan, which ideally should form the basis for everybody’s objectives in the business.

We might go on to raise money from investors and or seek an outright buyer for a business. If that proves attractive to owners, we’ll agree on a process and decide who to work with based on where we want to go.

Let’s Talk About Your Business